Prognosis of sciatica and back-related leg pain in primary care: the ATLAS cohort.

  • prospective cohort study, n=609 with back-pain related leg pain and sciatice, > 18 year, primary care setting, 1 year follow-up
  • good outcome was defined as 30% or more reducion in disability (Rolland-Morris disability questionnaire)
  • longer leg pain duration, high identity score, and patient' belief that the problem will last a long time were the strongest independent prognostic factors negatively associated with improvement.
  • In the long term, patient's' belief that they will get better soon, and not having many other complaints attributed to the back and leg pain, were independent prognostic factors associated with improvement.
  • この問題は長く続くだろうという患者の認識があると治りが悪い
  • identity scoreはIllness Perception Questionnaire(病気認知質問紙)で測定されている